• Rice_Vermicelli (#Kanohm_Jeen) 600 g. 20 pcs/carton

    Rice_Vermicelli (#Kanohm_Jeen)  600 g. (200gx3 pcs.) 20 boxs / carton This noodle is commonly consumed widely in all part of Thailand. It is usually served with the famous Thai curry dishes- Green curry and Red curry. Instead of curry with … Read More

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  • Sour Tamarind Cube 100gx 34 Pcs

    Sour_Tamarind_Cube. 100 g x 34 boxs / carton Heath Benefits of Tamarind Beta-carotene and several phytochemicals in Tamarind are recommened by scientist as antioxidants for many reasons one of them being in the reduction in risk of cancer. Calcium in … Read More

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  • DRIED SEEDLESS SWEET TAMARIND 400g x 36 ST per carton

    TAMARIND FRUITS Sweet Tamarind (® texted patented.)
    Tamarind tree is widely grown in many parts of the world especially in the tropical countries, for its beauty and its fruit.
    Pethchaboon the famous province of Sweet tamarind is our orignated product. We collect the crops and select them whith grading to A+. For convenient consumption we put these raw material passing through several hygiene process after taken out the seeds.
    Packed in the nice presentation as gifts to you and your love ones. Heath Benefits of Tamarind Beta-carotene and several phytochemicals in Tamarind are recommened by scientist as antioxidants for many reasons one of them being in the reduction in risk of cancer. Calcium in Tamarind are vital to increase bone and teeth density. Magnesium (Mg) and iron (Fe) also increase hemoglobin level.
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  • GLUTIOUS RICE 6 ORGANIC 1 kg/pkt x 18 Pkt per CTN

    Glutinous rice is commonly called “Sticky rice”. Being known and consumed in Thailand from ancient time, sticky rice continue their path of developments.

    Rice of Lover is prouded to introduce “Kor Khor 6”.

    This is a kind of Glutinous rice research and developed by the Agricultural Ministry of Thailand promoted to the rice industry under the support of Thai Government.

    The ideal property of this kind of rice is that they will be soft and firmly stick together from the excess starch release during the steaming process.

    Research have found that Sticky rice helps decrease inflammation and improved heart health, and also increase bone density.

    For Thai people who works hard in the rice field, they prefer sticky rice because it gives longer energy. However, the most common of sticky rice is the good taste and touch blending well with the most Thai dishes.


    How to cook Glutinous Rice 6

    (Hur man lagar Klibbigt Ris 6) (ข้าวเหนียว​ กข​ 6)


    1. Completely soak glutinous rice in water for 2 to 10 hours. Depending on the age of rice

    🇸🇪1. Lägg riset i vatten i 2 till 10 timmar, beroende på hur gammalt det är.

    2. Add water to steam pot and bring to boil 🇸🇪2. Koka upp vatten i ångpannan.

    3. Drain off excess water from rice after soaking and put rice into Huat. Or equivalent containet

    🇸🇪3. Häll bort överflödigt vatten från riset. Lägg sen riset i Huat(bambukorg).


    4. Place container Huat over steam pot and cover with lid. Cook rice with steam over medium fire for 30 min to 45 min. Place rice in appropriate container and serve

    🇸🇪4. Lägg Huat över det kokande vattnet och täck med ett lock. Koka riset med ånga i 30 till 45 minuster. Lägg riset i en lämplig skål och servera det.


    RICE OF LOVE THAI KLIBBIGT RIS (EN) (Thai glutinous rice )


    INGREDIENTS: GLUTINOUS RICE (SV) INGREDIENSER : KLIBBIGT RIS ___________________________________



    FAT / FETT. <0.5 G –






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  • THAI HOM MA LI 100% ORGANIC ( Not Jasmine Rice) 1 kg /pkt x18Pkt per CTN

    #Rice Of Love# (Thai Hom Ma Li Rice) Is a type of rice which originates in Thailand.

    It is a year round rice (grow once a year) The rice is long and slim.

    When it was processed thorgh the mill the product rice would be long, slim, and shows a little light rejection, and has good aroma similar to those pandan. It is one of the most preferred rice which brought the fame and established reputation for Thai rice on the global stage.

    . Rice of love is Thai Hom Ma Li  Rice 105 The unique quality of this rice is that when it is cooked, the rice gives off the jasmine aroma. It is the only rice which is used in yearly national Growth Forecasting ceremony (Raek Na Kwan) (#พระราชพิธีแรกนาขวัญ)​

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  • 81009 DZR19CW009 Ball house backdoor

    Nice piece if furniture for cats, natural material, environment friendly. Non toxic. Available for immediate shipment by post. water grass furniture make by hand for our belove pet #Friendly to an Environment #Natural colour. No Chemical Bleach Water grass Max. … Read More

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